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Photo Credit: Sarah Ishler

>>What if ...
... a vaccine could prevent breast cancer?

... a simple saliva test could detect breast cancer?

... drugs could be delivered directly to a tumor, sparing the rest of the body?

... clinical trials were available for all patients seeking new options?

... stem cells could regrow a human breast?

What if ... there were a place with the vision, talent and resources to make these a reality?

There is. That place is Cleveland Clinic.

Dr. Grobmeyer in surgery
Dr. Stephen Grobmyer, Co-Director, Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program (center)
Photo credit: Robert Lehtinen

While others ask “What if?” Cleveland Clinic asks “When?”

Welcome to the place where new ideas aren’t just talked about, they’re encouraged. Every day, our caregivers actively pursue these ideas, leading to new discoveries in treatment and the most diverse clinical trials.

We believe we can shift the paradigm in breast cancer care by challenging the status quo and embracing an aggressive research agenda - including investigation into the microbiome to test whether a person’s natural bacteria causes certain breast cancers and exploration into stem cell potential to regrow breast tissue.

We're also working to improve options for earlier diagnosis, and ultimately, to prevent breast cancer. Our mission is to deliver the most personalized, noninvasive care, with less time in treatment and more time living. Now and for the future, we will deliver the best care available today, while setting the course for new breakthroughs tomorrow.

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Sarah Cawley and her team
Dr. Jame Abraham, Co-Director, Comprehensive Breast Cancer Program, with Sarah and her caregiver team

We invite you to help us shape the future of breast cancer care. When you give to Cleveland Clinic’s Breast Cancer Program, you become part of our physician, researcher and support team.

100 percent of every philanthropic dollar goes directly to research, life-saving treatment and patient care.

For more information on how to be involved, call the Cancer Center Philanthropy Line at 216.445.8485 or email

“Cleveland Clinic has never waited for a cure, or for better treatment. Instead, we are out here trying to find it.
Our goal is to set the bar.”
Stephen Grobmyer, MD

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