Children's Memorials or Tributes

A Tribute to Aldyn's Caregivers

Hello Family & Friends,

On April 20th, 2015 Aldyn came home from school with what seemed to be a common cold.  Less than 48 hours later she ended up at Hillcrest Hospital and 24 hours after that, was transferred to the PICU at the Cleveland Clinic Chidren's Hospital.  Diagnosed with Influenza B, a Strep A blood infection, Pnemonia, Scarlet Fever, and Shock Syndrome, Aldyn was in critical condition.  

The caregivers in the PICU (including the team of doctors, nurses, respitory therapists, child life specialists, housekeeping staff, and more) treated Aldyn and our family with the utmost respect, kindness, and patience during this difficult time.  The medical team invited us to be included in their rounds each day.  They were always one step ahead of the illness and prepared us well for what may lie ahead.  With each decision they always weighed the risk versus the benefit, and their subsequent plans of action worked, as Aldyn gained her health back quickly.  Today we can happily say that Aldyn is back to her sparkly, spunky self!

If you would like to help us honor the PICU team, that took such good care of Aldyn, please join us in making a donation to the PICU at the Cleveland Clinic Children's Hospital.  Each gift goes towards providing the best young patient care possible, funding priority programs, and maintaining the facilities that, for a while, became our home away from home.

With Great Gratitude,

The Petronsky Family