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Gnome Run 2015

The third annual Running of the Gnomes will be held in World of Warcraft on Scarlet Crusade-US Alliance Side on October 24th, 2015, at 8PM EST.

We will be starting in the Gnome starting zone and running to Booty Bay.

How do you participate? Easy! Create a level 1 gnome on Scarlet Crusade (US), give it pink hair and a cheeky name (nothing offensive please!) and log in before the start time of the race. The coordinators will be hanging around in the starting area to invite you to the guild and hand out tabards -- so don't leave! 

At 8PM EST sharp, we'll launch the run. Run along with us on our quest through Ironforge and Stormwind to Booty Bay, where we'll group up to make a gigantic heart. Stick around for the afterparty! 

Don't have an open character slot on Scarlet Crusade? No problem! Wear a pink shirt or dress and run your higher level character along to protect the gnomes! Even Horde can join in (just try to avoid getting killed by guards). 

During the entire month of October, the host guild of Scarlet Crusade will be turning its tabards pink, and encouraging other guilds to do the same! If you are a guild leader, please consider turning your tabards pink and encouraging your guildmates to come to the event. 

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What's the Point?

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. Everyone's been affected by cancer of some form, and Breast Cancer can affect our Moms, Sisters, Girlfriends, Teachers, Best Friends, Co-Workers, it can even affect men! 

Breast Cancer is something that with vigilance can be caught early, and catching it early can save a life. If people start talking about why the tabards are pink and everyone’s running around wearing them, it can spark conversations with our loved ones and the people in our lives. If one pink tabard or all of those gnomes reminds even just one person to check themselves, or go get a mammogram, we've done our job for the year.

But we're also raising money along the way, playing games, and talking to our members about screening, and encouraging them to talk to family members who have been putting off going to the doctors.

In addition, members of SeeD and other friend guilds are participating in the "Small Change" program, pledging a certain amount for each gnome that shows up. Last year, those who pledged a dime for each gnome wound up donating quite a bit! You can participate the same way.

Why the Cleveland Clinic?

The organizers encourage donors to consider donating to the Cleveland Clinic's Tuohy Vaccine research program. They are working to develop a breast cancer vaccine that can be used to prevent breast cancer in adults. They have had success in generating funding (thanks in part to our 2012 and 2013 runs!) and are now ready to move to human trials. 

They are raising money to get their vaccine into human trials as quickly as possible -- and you can help! 

The Cleveland Clinic has little to no overhead unlike some other organizations -- you can specifically direct your donation to go to that fund only, not the general donation pool for the entire hospital. Furthermore, the Cleveland Clinic has had an incredibly positive impact on the lives of many of the Gnome Run's organizers, and is an upstanding member of the community. 

You may know that in the past this event benefited the Komen Foundation. With the political maneuvers of the past, the organizers chose to move away from participating in Komen-related events and instead chose the Cleveland Clinic. While we encourage you to make your donations here, if you have a local organization that you wish to support, that's totally okay.

Gnome Run 2015 Raised
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